You might hit more cars now with my new car’s auto detect function than before it came out.

BLENDINGHave you gotten into the latest “gotta have this gadget in your new car” craze yet?  To be honest, hope and pray that you aren’t in the market for a new car as of right now.  It used to be all one had to do was put the key in the ignition, turn it, start the car, turn the radio on, put it into drive and hit the gas pedal.  Don’t forget to brake for skateboarders even though you might feel a slight urge not to.

Now you have key codes to enter your car, or key fobs that you just wave in front of your keyless entry automobile (how do you get in if the key fob ever takes the day off and decided not to work?).

You also have internet GPS systems that will give you directions while driving and tell you when your turn is 3/10ths of a mile ahead on your right.  To think you thought it was 4/10ths of a mile ahead on your right.  What would you have done without that nugget of information?  Wait a minute, how far is 3/10ths of a mile by the way, and do I have time to wait for someone to let me over into the right lane before my turn comes up?  The trusty GPS forgot to mention that.

GPS’ and internet hot boxes in cars to me are just as dangerous as would be reading the local newspaper while driving yourself to work.  It will speak to you sometimes, yes, but it also shows you your location on the map and you have to lean over and look at it and try to make sense of it while keeping your eyes on the road.  Kind of notice that most people haven’t mastered that art yet by the number of accidents caused by playing with their internet hot box as you read in the paper while driving to work the other day.  Did you also get to read about nutribullet reviews while you were exiting the highway?  Hey, when you want information go right to the source.

A favorite new techie gadget for the internet in the car is that it does not only show you if there is a car and how far away you are from it as it is driving behind you as you’re backing up.  Another favorite, easy to learn and hard to master (okay that’s a lie, it’s hard to learn and hard to master) it that you can also look at the screen in your new car as it shows you how to pull into a parallel parking space.  Are you the yellow rectangle or the blue one?  Is the red box the one you’re supposed to align the purple box next to?  To think, you thought old school ‘look and fit’ into the space was tough.  It’s easy as cake compared to all these colored boxes.

If you’re in the market for a new car, be sure to ask the dealer to show you how these things work before you drive off the lot.  Otherwise you’ll be as useless using them as you would back in the day you read the paper on your drive to work. IF your interested in a great blender, check out blender judge and be pleasantly surprised.

A sequel to the prequel’s sequel…  Say what?!

SUPPLEMENTSFirst there was the original, then there was the sequel, then there was the sequel to the sequel.  And so was born the trilogy.  Were we content to keep it there?  No.  We had to make a prequel, then a sequel to the prequel, then a sequel to that prequel’s sequel.  There you have it folks, another trilogy.  When did we stop getting original and start expanding?  I don’t know about you but I’d like to see something original that’s so good it leaves it mark.  It’s leaving you inside your own mind making up your own prequels and sequels.  It’s called imagination.  What we have become today is mass marketing.

We do it with not just movies, but everything.  Take food for instance.  You buy a nice whole chicken to roast for Sunday dinner.  Naturally there are left overs.  So what do we do, we make a sequel to Sunday’s dinner for Monday’s dinner.  How about roast chicken tacos, sounds good and not too much work.  There you have Monday’s dinner.  What about Monday’s leftovers?  What on earth do you do with leftover taco flavored chicken?  Have a sequel for Tuesday of Mexican casserole and make that Sunday’s roast chicken into a trilogy!  I guess sequels are in our blood.

When you’re not snacking on leftovers, you should try finding out about taking supplements that can help get your protein and energy and good stuff in-between your meal sequels.  Try and see what you can dig up.  Step outside of the sequels and see meals in a new light. Try this helpful site for even more info about some that can help with fat burning too.  Don’t worry, no sequels are involved.

Speaking of another medium for sequels, video games seem to be running the gamut.  Speedily too it seems.  It seems the game you’re playing and totally enjoying already has a sequel in the works that will be out before you’re even done with the first one.  How to keep up you may wonder if there are 2 sequels out and you’re still on the first one!  At least you know your series lives on and there will be more to discover albeit it a lot of backtracking to those who don’t start with the first game when the 3rd or 4th is already out.  How does one keep up?

Next time you get the itch to watch a movie, support originality a little and rent or go see a movie that doesn’t have a prequel or a sequel attached to it.  You might wind up being pleasantly surprised and find something a step out of the loop that trilogies and beyond seem to drive you into like a mindless zombie.  That is how they are treating you.  That you’re lining up to see the latest in what is turning out to be an endless movie with a beginning but no end in sight.  Don’t be a prequel or sequel zombie.  Try something fresh and new and find yourself amazed that there is more out there.  Think outside the box!


Do you remember the days when work was 9 to 5 with an hour lunch?

humorThat’s the way it used to be and boy have times changed. Now you only get 9 to5 if you work in a bank. Before everyone was 9 to 5 and they used to joke around about having that hour lunch be enough time to have what they referred to back then as a ‘3 martini lunch’. There’s even a movie out from the 70’s or early 80’s called 9 to 5. If it was to be put out now it would be aptly named 8 -5 with a subtitle of 30 minute lunch and a martini lunch wouldn’t even make it on screen. We work harder now. Not that we weren’t working hard then, but that extra hour in the morning sure made a nice difference.

People were probably happier back then at their jobs too. The extra sleep made wonders for the morning attitude being a little more chipper than rushing through traffic at 7 in the morning to make it to your job by 8. Well we don’t live in that ideal 9 to 5 scenario anymore so why not spend time finding a job that you actually would like to do. That’s definitely not where you’re at now presumably.

Finding a job that you would like to do is easier nowadays with trade schools popping up left and right pushing traditional 4 year colleges aside to make room to learn more technology in half the time. Technology is where it’s at now too. There are new versions coming out all the time. You probably just got used to Windows 7 and then there was Windows 8 which still one has yet to figure out how all the boxes work.

It’s time to jump into the middle of all this new technology and hit up a trade school. Not only get a boost of some modernized learning in fast time, but find a job you actually like to do which pays what you’re worth and that’s definitely more than you are making now. Take a look at radiation therapy for a minute. A good education, top of the line technology to learn, and then you have got to check out the salary. You just need a good school and there’s one just waiting for you to take advantage of what it has to offer.

You only live once. Don’t waste it hearing an awful news crew waking you up at 6am so you can get ready to hurry up and get to your job where you have to hurry up and work so you can hurry up and eat your lunch in 30 minutes before hurrying up to get your work done before the clock hits 5.

There are lots of trade schools out there now. They are big business and can offer you good training in a short time doing a job that you actually like. That you actually don’t mind fighting the hamsters that drive those square cars on their way to jobs they don’t like. Why not fall into the category of the one who goes to a job they do like. Isn’t it about that time?

Technology that can help you catch prey

HUMORDon’t you just hate it when animals get in your trash? What about when foxes get your chickens? Oh, you don’t have chickens, well what about those nasty robbers sneaking into your house when you’re not home? These things can be so annoying, but what’s even more annoying is when you put a trail camera out in the woods to catch a glimpse of those magnificent deer that travel through your back yard and it doesn’t catch them. That is so annoying. So what do you do when this happens? Well first off you need to adjust the camera to get all angles. Most trail cameras have a motion detector so when something comes by it snaps a video or picture. This can work great for your house as well. Imagine someone is trying to break in and you aren’t home, well if have a trail camera hooked up you can review the video later and be able to tell the cops about who broke in. This is a great invention for many different things. Not only is it great for hunting, but it’s a great idea to attach them to your business grounds and your home. This type of camera can be very affordable if you check for the cheapest ones, by looking here online you can find the cheapest ones with the best features.

Even though they are sold as trial cameras for hunting they work great for protecting your house, and if you have teens they work great for letting you know if they have been sneaking out of your house at night. Many teens will act up and most the time they have left the house at night while you were sleeping. So to keep tabs on what your kids are doing set up a hidden trail camera outside their windows and the front and back doors so you know if someone is coming or going.

Trail cameras are also great for use with businesses. You have to protect your assets and the best way to do that is to set up a trail camera near the register and the front and back doors so that you can see if anyone is trying to break into your business after hours or if anyone is messing with your cash register when you’re not looking.

Now trail cameras aren’t the only type of protection you need in your home or business. An alarm system is very important. But those can be bypassed very easily and trail cameras are virtually invisible so most the time no one will even notice they are there, which makes them a very secure surveillance device. Not only will a trail camera work for surveillance of the deer in the woods for hunting but it will also work for time stamping if someone breaks into your home or office.

There are many products that are sold for one use but can be used for multiple uses and that is what makes them a great purchase. Anything with multiple uses is far more worth the money that you pay for it than something that has only one use.

Next time you purchase something think about the many uses you could use it for and that will determine if it’s a great buy or not.

Not So Random Facts

HMOURI remember being a kid at my uncle’s one summer. I was going through those troubled teen years and he was trying to reach out. I always thought he was a pretty cool guy but that day, I just wasn’t interested in what anyone over 20 had to say.

We were in the garage and I was helping him sort out some shelves. Both of us being the strong, silent type, it was a decent way to spend the afternoon. The cleaning and organizing was well underway and I was deep in thought. One shelving unit was sorted and the next was our mission. As I was helping my uncle find homes for things that were out of place, I realized that I didn’t know what a lot of these items were or what they were used for.

Being a city slicker, there were a lot of things we didn’t do in my home. For instance, my father had a car, but I never used it. I had learned to drive a little, but where I’m from everyone takes the subway or their bike to wherever they’re going. Another thing was that my home was in an apartment building, which meant we had a landlord, which meant my father never had to fix much. He knew how to fix leaky pipes and creaky doors but it seemed like I was either not around when he did it, or perhaps I just took it for granted and didn’t pay attention when he did. Other times, my mother would call the landlord and he’d send a guy to fix the plumbing or whatever else was the matter.

Now standing in my uncle’s big garage, I suddenly felt like I had shown up to school with no pants on. I was nineteen and I knew nothing really about a toolbox, cars or repairs in general. I had never taken shop in high school, in fact I studied math instead. If my uncle had a sudden trigonometry problem I would have been on that like a fat kid on a smartie, but this was a whole world I had never known. I mean, we didn’t even have a garage back in the city! And besides, being a girl in auto or shop class was awkward with all those guys around. Learning this outside of school was perfect.

Suddenly I wanted to know all of it. I paused in mid-step and turned to my uncle. He was squatting on a milk crate trying to sort out a box of parts.

“Hey, Uncle Steve?” I asked, tentatively.

“Could you teach me about some stuff?” I coughed. Why was I so nervous?

“Stuff?” He replied, looking confused.

“What kind of stuff you wanna know?” He asked.

“You know, like about cars and how to fix stuff.” There. I said it.

Without a moment’s hesitation he stood up, went to his car, popped the hood and started pointing. By the end of that afternoon I had learned what some kids would presumably learn in a whole semester in auto class. I knew all the parts names, what they did and how to keep them in good condition. I was advised on the best fuel injector cleaners, windshield wiper fluids and tires for all seasons. I never ended up owning a car until I was much older but the moment I did, I popped that hood and saw everything my uncle had taught me. I guess it’s true that you can keep knowledge in your back pocket until you need it. Thanks uncle Steve!

Guaranteed for a smile or a curse word, did you miss out on a master’s degree? Read on!

DENTAL HUMORWouldn’t you just know it… there you are sitting there just dying to know six things you should know about dental hygiene schools, and here I am to tell you about one of them that doesn’t make sense to me. As a matter of fact, I’m feeling a little “Forrest Gump’ish’” right about now as far as it’s concerned.

I wanted to know all the information I could find on dental hygiene schools so naturally I took to my good old friend that knows everything about everything, and even then some. The internet. One of the things I found was the fact that according to where I was looking, getting a master’s degree was cheaper than getting an associate’s degree in dental hygiene. To me that’s like saying it’s cheaper to go through schooling to be a certified grade A top of the line dentist than to pay more for your schooling to become a dental assistant. As for me, if I’m going to shell out big bucks for schooling and become a dental assistant because there’s got to be more money to be made there than if I was to go to school to become a dentist. Dentists must not make much.

Seriously though, I was confused. Call it misinterpretation of what I read but it said and even had a little graph to show you that getting a masters is cheaper than getting an associates. If that’s true, why am I sitting here typing this information out to you and not out getting a masters in dental hygiene? Surely I must have done something wrong when I went to college for my degree and paid out too much money for an associates. Or, I got what I paid for and which is not a good enough education to make sense of the cute little graph that told me master’s degrees are cheaper than associate degrees. Someone please tell me where I went wrong.

I suppose I could tell you what else I found out. It’s just not as mind boggling as that bit of information was. I found out that being accepted into a dental hygiene program is extremely competitive. Who knew? I found out to be very boring that they showed how many hours you’d spend in your chosen education path into the world of dental hygiene so we’ll just skip that. I learned that baccalaureate programs are more likely to offer specialization tracks to their program than associate programs. Who would of thought? Found out how much tuition is as you well know from when I started off blathering about masters degrees that are cheaper than associate degrees.

There’s a commercial on TV that I find to be very cute, it has a girl who says that if it wasn’t true, it wouldn’t be on the internet. I’m wondering if she was on to something. Or not. Then again, this is the chief site if you have a dark sense of humor and twisted opinions of the world. I think I just hit on both of those for you. Now, off to get that masters!

Who Needs a Flashlight?

HOT FLASHLIGHTSSo you need a flashlight? Well To find an exceptional flashlight you must google it. But what could you possible need with a flashlight other than for security if the lights go out? Well I can think of a few jobs that flashlights can be used for. Here are  a few of those jobs:

1. Burglars

Although breaking and entering is not the most lucrative career choice, and it comes with some baggage. Flashlights are all the rage with burglars. Especially the ones that like to hit houses and businesses at night. It helps to focus the light into one selected area without drawing attention to the lights being on at the house or business when no one is supposed to be there. I wouldn’t suggest this as a career choice but some people have decided it’s what they want to do with their lives and they will need a really exceptional flashlight for this such career.

2. Exterminators

This too is a career choice that will need a flashlight. Crawling under those creepy houses with all the bugs and possible snakes, who wouldn’t want a flashlight to see what is in front of them. Some of these workers have head cams that provide light so they don’t have to hold a flashlight in there hand but some of them just go with a traditional flashlight. Being able to see what is underneath the house or in the crawl spaces helps you do your job and find the culprit to the houses bug infestation or rodent and snake problem.

3. Security guard

Security guards carry flashlights for walking the halls of museums, art galleries, businesses, and schools. Security guards are similar to cops except they are not licensed to carry guns so they carry walkie-talkies, flashlights, and patrol areas they are assigned to. Many places hire security guards so this is a career choice that many men who can’t make the police force could do. Security guards get training to know how to handle situations that could arise from being robbed or broken into, this training can prepare you for the police academy if that is what you’re looking for in your future.

4. Janitors

Janitors at schools and offices carry flashlights. They have to sometimes go in dark rooms and in basements with very little lighting. The flashlight aids them in seeing things in these areas. If the lights go out at the school they need a flashlight to flip the circuit breakers or to pass out to the teachers for their classes. In businesses Janitors are there after hours cleaning offices and emptying trash. Sometimes the lighting isn’t good at night and they carry flashlights for this purpose.

There are many different jobs that could involve flashlights some are acceptable jobs and some are criminal. Whichever field you choose make sure you choose the right flashlight for that field. You never know when the lights may go out or when you just have to break in somewhere and need light to see by but not attract a lot of people to it.


They call them smoothies. We call them “Toss it all in a blender and hope it tastes good.”

SMOOTHIE PHOTOThe infomercials mesmerize us.  We see them as we pass by on different channels, looking for something to watch, and then we see them.  These infomercials that grab our attention by grinding chunks of concrete in a blender only to find out that after it still works AND makes the best smoothies out of any ingredient you can think of. They take things like spinach and orange peels and bananas and pecans and flax seeds (still working on that one) and yogurt and ice cream and raw potatoes and voila they run the blender that just worked on concrete and tadah there you go the ‘super-healthy-delicious-yummy-nothing tastes better than this or any other smoothie in the world‘ drink has been concocted, drank, and enjoyed.  Don’t forget it just decimated a chunk of concrete and the blades are still sharp as day one.

You’ve been hypnotized from the moment you saw the concrete saying out loud to yourself  “NO!  YOU’LL BREAK THE BLENDER! IT WON’T WORK! “  Yet miraculously it has and the reason you know it is because you’ve been glued to the infomercial since the moment you laid eyes on the concrete going into the pitcher.  Now you want to see them actually drink the crap they put in the blender after.  No longer do you care that they blender survived the concrete test, you want to see someone actually drink raw potatoes and spinach with orange peels and ice cream.  Not only that, you’re totally floored when they look like it’s the best drink they’ve ever had and secretly, you want to try it because the look on their face while they drank it was one of pure ecstasy.  “Oooh, and it’s healthy too!  Did they just say you can make soup with it?  No way! The soup is hot?  You’re kidding me!  Homemade ice cream?  Now I could come up with some crazy flavors.”  They got you, you’re hooked.  Admit it; you’re hooked now just reading about it.  I’m not going to give you a phone number to call either.  I’m just going to tell you to click here.  Blender school awaits you.Green vegetable smoothie juice - woman drinking

Now you know you saw all those crazy blender infomercials and your mind became totally twisted into knots that can never be undone. You’ve been thinking up all sorts of crazy healthy delicious ideas for smoothies and soups and yes, even bubblegum and carrot ice cream. Also, you know that if it fits in the blender, it’s automatically healthy too.  Chocolate Bar Spinach S’mores’ Pecan Kale Smoothies for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.  Hey the chocolate bar fit in perfectly, didn’t even have to break it up.  That’s got health written all over it because it fit and the spinach and kale combo gives it that extra healthy nudge as well.   You’re a hero!  You’re already coming up with ideas left and right for a name of the blender cookbook you’re going to create.  EBooks are in; maybe you could make it into an EBook!

See what happens when you stay up late switching TV channels and catch what can only be termed as Infomercial Fever.  There’s no cure for it either except to never flip channels again or turn the TV on anytime ever, especially at 3 o’clock in the morning.  Now go back to bed and hopefully you’ll have forgotten all that you just witnessed by the time your alarm goes up and you get showered and dressed and off to your boring job never again to think of being a cookbook EBook smoothie writer ever again.  Wait, you just did.  Shame on you! Go ahead and make your 4 equal monthly payments and use the blender with all the vim and vigor you have for it.  I give you 2 weeks.  If you use it for more than that, you’ll only get partial rights if you use the Chocolate Bar Spinach S’mores’ Pecan Kale Smoothie idea.  That was mine.
Sense of Humor across Cultures

Sense of Humor across Cultures

A Comparison of British, Australian and American Respondents

Humor is something which ties all human beings together, regardless of race, religion, creed or nationality. We use humor on a daily basis in the workplace, at home, and listen to it at the movies, television and on favorite morning radio talk shows. Humor is also used in the business world to help sell products and as a strategic marketing tool. Humor is all around us, however, humor is also different depending upon which area of the world you find yourself in. Read more on Top 10 Cross Cultural Humor here

American Humor:

YankeeAmerican humor is based largely upon the history, as well as current developments, within the United States. The first widely accepted and well known American comic figure was the “Yankee.” The “Yankee” made fun of worldwide travelers, told comical stories, and played very elaborate practical jokes. The American’s saw a lot more comedy emerge after the American Revolution and the country was freed from its fear of self preservation. Shortly after the American Revolution the American citizens began to experience with art and dabble in a wide variety of creative outlets. Some of the most famous American comedians are: The Three Stooges, The Marx Brothers, Woody Allen, Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy and Bill Cosby. American televisions are home to popular comedy shows and sitcoms and offer various spoofs on current events through the popular comedy television show Saturday Night Live.Want to know more on American humor

British Humor:

British humorBritish humor is drastically different than that of American humor. Americans graciously applaud those who take comedic risks and are extremely ambitions, while the British tend to cheer for the underdog. British humor also tends to revolve more around irony than that of its American counterparts. British humor is very brash, abrasive and does not shy away from taboo subjects such as sex and drugs. The Brits are rely heavily upon self-deprecation and often have a very dry sense of humor, which many around the globe often misconstrued for bland if they are not accustomed to it.

Australian Humor:

Australian HumorAustralian humor is also very dry, full of extreme emotions, self mocking and very anti-authoritarian. Australians’ do a marvelous job of poking fun at them more than they make fun of any other country or group of people and are quick to join in the most self deprivation of jokes. A lot of folks around the world consider Australians to have a very weird sense of humor because they base a lot of jokes on dark, hard subjects. However, the Australians’ maintain they would rather laugh in the face of life’s trials than to let their problems lead them to tears. Australians often refer to their brutal past and have even gone as far as to name the swimming pool in Melbourne after the Prime Minister Harold Holt, who disappeared while swimming. Australians take this in your face approach to humor as a way to embrace pain and their past at the same time.


Regardless of which part of the globe you call home, humor is a universal quality which ties us together. Where ever your travels may take you, fully submerge yourself into the culture and partake in the countries humor. After all, laughter is the best medicine.