Is 2D animation going to extinct?


Whether you are a student, a parent, a business person, or a senior, the magical nature of animation, either in films or simple video presentations, has colored our world in many beautiful ways. The most common use, which is in cartoons, gave our younger years so much life. When we look back to our childhood, we couldn’t imagine how it would look like without those animated movies produced by Disney. The earlier movies, such as the Aladdin, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty made our childhood experience more memorable and fun. And today, it keeps on giving the younger generation a memorable experience to cherish.

But as the world becomes more advanced, new digital methods are being used to cater the ever-changing needs of people. Now, more and more production companies are focusing in the latest digital approaches, such as the 3D animation, to make animated films and videos. And this boils down to one question: Is 2D animation becoming obsolete?

The development of 3D computer graphics really provides great benefits not only in the film and television industry, but in various industries as well, such as in architecture, photography, and even in crime investigation. In the film industry, 3D graphics helps the film production create lifelike animation that will give their viewers an outstanding viewing experience. In architecture industry, architectures used 3D animations in their presentations to effectively express their ideas with their clients. And in crime investigation, 3D animation is now being used to re-enact the exact events happened in a particular crime scene, which significantly helps in the investigation process. Indeed, 3D animation is considered very useful in today’s age.

But despite being on trend at the moment, many animators think that 2D animation will not become obsolete. Although a lot of companies in the U.S. today gave up 2D animation, it is still present and continuously being used in some places. Traditional art is always being used and they never really die out because they are simpler, less expensive, user-friendly, and flexible. Some companies are actually still using 2D animation for certain projects, such in commercials, live shows, and short video presentations. And animators believe that 2D animation still has a place in the future of film animation and graphics. In fact, without 2D animation, there would be no 3D.

If you have skills in computer graphics but worried about 2D animation going extinct, then don’t be. Today, 2D animation is hard to find because of the rapid-fire existence of new digital methods, but in the years to come, the traditional 2D animation will sure come back and provide us greater viewing experience. And more importantly, it will again, provide a lot of opportunities for both professional and aspiring 2D animators out there.

If you love how animation works, you might want to develop your skills in computer graphics. There are now several 2D animation programs available online that you can use to enhance your skills. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there is sure the right tool for your needs. And the best thing is some if these available software can be downloaded for free, which means you can learn 2D animation without spending even a cent. But of course, just like many other software, free programs often contain limited features. If you want to gain more knowledge, invest in paid programs, which contain additional and more advanced features. But don’t worry, most paid programs have free trial versions to know in advance if your investment is well worth. For a complete guide about 2D animation software, visit