Pets: The Latest Trend in Fashion

Well you must have heard of the Hilton girl’s doggies. Probably you have also heard about the football outcome know all octopus. Whatever. Well the latest trend that is currently making headlines in the glamour business is pets. Celebrities worldwide have been seen going into great lengths to acquire a pet of their favorite animal.

With the recent growth in the protests all around the world over animal cruelty and seize of hundreds of tanneries and animal leather industries worldwide, suddenly it has become fashionable for you to adopt a pet. As if having a pet and caring for him/her makes you a handsome and attractive person.


You can now win the confidence of your friends or even colleagues at work by caring for your own pets. A major research shows dealmakers with well-fed pets have a higher chance of landing into a deal than people with no pets. You can adopt a cute looking cat or a rabbit if bigger animals turn you off. A cat can be wonderful companion. Whole websites have been dedicated for understanding the way of cats and taking proper care of them. You can check out this site for more information.

With the four footed friends suddenly finding wide spread acceptance in the human realm, its high time you go for having a cat or dog in your family. With your new found image of a pet lover you can really rock your friendship circle. With this trend slowly starting to develop as a style statement, hopefully a few more of your friends might start following in your footsteps and eventually some of the animals might find a home. It is often said a pet who is really loved and well looked after secretes the similar hormones in its brain as one secretes when in love.

Animals have a heart too. Having a pet would thus not only help you gain the upper hand as a style statement but also provide you with some wonderful non-compromised company and affection. Especially if it’s a cat or a dog they can also help you keep out strangers and mice as well. A cat is known to be very possessive about its prowling areas. It can help you deliver you house and its belongings from the evil mice who want to nibble and destroy everything.

A little tip for the superstitious lot out there. The next time you go for a deal, feed your cat with the best fish in the market prior to leaving the house. (LOL).