How To Keep That Youthful Figure

172181_he-fitness-apps_RRD_Being young is fantastic, it truly is the best stage of life. Everything is so new and vibrant and full of possibility and wonder. Wait till you start paying rent and bills and figuring out how to mix families, then it gets complicated. Of course, that’s not to say being a teenager is easy, but it’s certainly more fun. Right now, your body is at its prime. You’re full of energy, even if you don’t think you are. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. But that fades with time. Life gets in the way. Stress happens. Basically, you start getting older. That might seem a long way off right now, but the best way to combat the effects of age are to start young. So why not stay in shape with the Raspberry Ketone Max?

–        What Is the Raspberry?

Basically, the Ketone Max is a food supplement. It’s a handy shake that gives you all the nutrients you need but isn’t calorie heavy, which lets your body burn off any excess you have lying around. Shakes are a great way of keeping your figure vibrant and youthful. A lot of them allow you to skip lunch and instead snack on a shake. That way you aren’t putting in those carb heavy school lunches, but you’re still getting all the good stuff your body needs.

–        What Happens?

With the Raspberry, you can even keep your diet plan the way it is, because it uses a whole new way of dealing with fat. It actually shrinks the cells down, making them smaller and easier to burn, which means you can lose any excess weight without even having to think about it. On top of that, it’s full of anti-oxidants. As we go about our day we collect Free Radicals, which are tiny molecules of Oxygen. These free radicals cause massive damage to our internal structure, but anti-oxidants collect them and turn them into something totally harmless. If you want to keep your youth, anti-oxidants are the way to go.

–        How Can I Trust It?

We all hear horror stories. People getting sick or the shake snot working the way they’re meant to. And a lot come from overseas where they don’t do things the same way we do. But the Raspberry is born and bred in the USA. It follows government regulation and it specially designed to be a top quality shake. At the end of the day, the best way to know it is to try it out. So have a go, if it’s not for you, you can always stop. Until then, shake away and stay in shape.


Alright, how is it that almost anything slung around your hips makes you instantly cool? 

CAMERAYou know you’ve wanted that swagger, that walk, that confidence that you see in old Western movies for instance.   You’re watching the screen and the saloon doors swing open and a whistle fades off in the distance.  Everyone in the room turns to look at the door and there’s not a sound to be heard.  Seriously, not even a wayward fly.  All you see is light and coming in from the light is a cowboy.  How do we know he’s a cowboy?  Well the huge cowboy hat is the first clue as it’s so huge it can’t be missed.  Then you notice the way he has his arms to his sides slightly bent and he walks in.  Slow and with the lean of a pimp from a 70’s disco nightclub except this cowboy doesn’t have a cane, or a fur laced coat either.

This cowboy has on a shirt and jeans.  It’s what’s around his jeans you notice after the hat and slow walk you see around his hips a belt that’s huge.  It doesn’t just wrap around the center of his hips, it’s sits down lower on one side.  The side with the holster and a gun in it.  The way he stops and stands there, his hands open at his side and looks around you can’t help but think about how dang cool he looks.  We’re talking straight up cowboy swagger.  Good cowboy, or bad cowboy you want to be him.  You want a belt around your hips like his.  You want yours down on your side, like his as well.

Thing is, we’re in the 21st century and don’t walk around with gun holsters.  We walk around with something that sits around our hips and totally kills the cool factor of the one who dares to ware one.  We don’t have gun belts and holsters we wear.  No.  We have fanny packs.  Those usually bright colored fanny packs as if they are bright to make sure everyone knows you have one.  Oh we can sling them down around one side of our hips and still not look cool.  No swagger here.  Where’s the cowboys?  The only chance we can soak up that sexy hip holster belt look is to attend a rodeo and you live in New York.  Ain’t happenin’ is it?

However, some genius came up with a way we can get the slung down belt on our hips look and even with a holster.  A holster not for guns, for something cooler too.  A camera holster.  Yes, wear a pair of jeans and sling on one of those puppies and you’re hands free with swagger ready to reach and grab your camera at a seconds notice to snare the perfect picture anytime.  Get one of those and walk tall and proud and with that confident stride.

No fanny pack for you.  No sir. You have a holster belt slung around your hips.  For a camera, yes, but it looks so good there.  Fanny packs step aside, old school is back and ready to snap a picture to Instagram at any time.  Be careful, it could be of you in your fanny pack to post that’ll garner at least one fan, if not a giggle as well.

Are you pro-breast feeding in public or against such a display of natural womanhood?

breastfeeding-702517You’ve just had your baby and are on top of the world, except at breast feeding time.  Nutritious and delicious for baby, but for you, well, let’s just stick with it has to be done.  Now it’s time to rejoin the human population by taking baby out with you on a get together with a friend for lunch.  She wants to see the baby and you’re not ready for a babysitter yet, so the little one is coming with.

So you meet at the restaurant for lunch and it actually feels good to be out.  It’s been awhile since you’ve been consumed with all things baby, and no time for you.  Your friend can’t help but gush over your little bundle of joy and the baby is being good.  You order the meal and sit back and chat awhile while you wait for your food.  You’re looking forward to the meal as in it’s been so long since you’ve been to a restaurant and had someone else do the cooking besides you, and also; you’re hungry.

The waitress brings the food to the table and both you and your friend dig in.  Laughing and talking while enjoying your meals.  It hasn’t been a bad experience at all and you find yourself wishing that you had done this much earlier and not waited so long.  Halfway through the lunch your precious bundle of love decided that they want to eat too.  How do you know this?  Because it’s near the normal feeding time and the baby has a set of lungs that are fully formed and functional and are primed, letting out cries and screams.  Your friend doesn’t seem to mind, but as you look around the eatery, you notice that some people are staring with stoic looks on their faces and you feel about the size of a grape.  What to do?

Well, you have a breast pump and could of brought a bottle, but you’ve never used it as you’ve been home doing all the feedings.  Besides, everything has been going smoothly so the breast pump you got at your baby shower is still in its box sitting in the nursery.  You know it’s a good one, listed as one of the best breast pumps in various review websites. Now would have been a great time to of tried it out and actually had breast milk ready for your baby.  Do you take out one of your breasts and feed your baby right there at the table?  You’ve seen other people do it, but you’ve also seen some of the looks that it garners from other people around.  Do you go to the bathroom to do it?  You feel like you’re in the middle of one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books you liked to read in grade school.

You’ll never know what she did.  Why?  Because I’m twisted, this site is twisted, and I love letting you think things through and let you figure it out.  I’m not going to tell you.  Going to let you process the whole idea.  It’s the world we live in.  What would you do or have you done?  I will tell you this though, I’m sure reading and learning how to use a breast pump is in at least half of your guesses.

Do you have a web site yet?  Don’t worry, you can and you will


CSS BUTTONI never knew until it was pointed out to me that anyone with a computer can have a website.  Not only that, but that there are companies out there willing to hook you up one for free.  (My wallet was happy to hear that part.)  So my mind starts whirling about all the hobbies I’m into and things I’d post on the web and spent an entire day with a piece of paper and a pen trying to jot down ideas of what I could do.

Most of the sites are free or low cost and have tools built in that help you build a website like a pro.  From backgrounds and adding pictures to even being able to make css buttons to tailor your site so it stands out even more.  Next thing you know, I am sitting with a blank piece of paper in front of me and a pen in hand ready to jot down ideas on what I could write a site about and what I would make it look like when I use their web tools to put it together.

Pretty soon I realize I am more interested in making buttons and posting pictures than actually what I’m going to be making buttons for and what kind of pictures I want to post online for people to see and share my site.  You could easily wind up in this same situation.  Better luck to you because now I am still looking at a blank sheet and have jotted down no information on what I could actually make a site about.  There’s only half a zillion things I am into, but not one of them has appeared on the paper before me.  However, I know a web button that would look good at this point, just not what for… yet.

So I’ll try this from another angle and find a good free site to try something out on just to see if I can get the hang of this website thing.  You’ll be best off to do it this way because once you’re actually where you’re going to build your piece of history on the information superhighway you’ll see that just by looking at ways you can set up banners and images, it’s then the ideas come pouring in.

Of course now to pick the idea that you want to share with the world at large. The site has many different styles to choose from. Do you want to have a blog that people can join in on, or do you want a site that winds up putting your hobby all in someone’s face as the best hobby ever.  You could even wind up with a site that becomes popular and gets a lot of visits when you see the site you’re building has a traffic tracker.

The things in your mind spiral around out of control and it seems you’re going to take everything that interests you and put it out there for the world to see.  Who knows, someone might have the same interests and actually find your site entertaining and visit often to see what’s going on.  I will say this, if I can do it, you can.  Just don’t be like me and post a site with nothing but buttons to press that look like they are going to take you to something cool, but really just show you pictures of my cat Fluffy when you push a button.  Hey, I figured the buttons out!

A sequel to the prequel’s sequel…  Say what?!

SUPPLEMENTSFirst there was the original, then there was the sequel, then there was the sequel to the sequel.  And so was born the trilogy.  Were we content to keep it there?  No.  We had to make a prequel, then a sequel to the prequel, then a sequel to that prequel’s sequel.  There you have it folks, another trilogy.  When did we stop getting original and start expanding?  I don’t know about you but I’d like to see something original that’s so good it leaves it mark.  It’s leaving you inside your own mind making up your own prequels and sequels.  It’s called imagination.  What we have become today is mass marketing.

We do it with not just movies, but everything.  Take food for instance.  You buy a nice whole chicken to roast for Sunday dinner.  Naturally there are left overs.  So what do we do, we make a sequel to Sunday’s dinner for Monday’s dinner.  How about roast chicken tacos, sounds good and not too much work.  There you have Monday’s dinner.  What about Monday’s leftovers?  What on earth do you do with leftover taco flavored chicken?  Have a sequel for Tuesday of Mexican casserole and make that Sunday’s roast chicken into a trilogy!  I guess sequels are in our blood.

When you’re not snacking on leftovers, you should try finding out about taking supplements that can help get your protein and energy and good stuff in-between your meal sequels.  Try and see what you can dig up.  Step outside of the sequels and see meals in a new light. Try this helpful site for even more info about some that can help with fat burning too.  Don’t worry, no sequels are involved.

Speaking of another medium for sequels, video games seem to be running the gamut.  Speedily too it seems.  It seems the game you’re playing and totally enjoying already has a sequel in the works that will be out before you’re even done with the first one.  How to keep up you may wonder if there are 2 sequels out and you’re still on the first one!  At least you know your series lives on and there will be more to discover albeit it a lot of backtracking to those who don’t start with the first game when the 3rd or 4th is already out.  How does one keep up?

Next time you get the itch to watch a movie, support originality a little and rent or go see a movie that doesn’t have a prequel or a sequel attached to it.  You might wind up being pleasantly surprised and find something a step out of the loop that trilogies and beyond seem to drive you into like a mindless zombie.  That is how they are treating you.  That you’re lining up to see the latest in what is turning out to be an endless movie with a beginning but no end in sight.  Don’t be a prequel or sequel zombie.  Try something fresh and new and find yourself amazed that there is more out there.  Think outside the box!


Four Things You Could do With a Cardiologists Payroll



Do you ever think the thought.  ‘ how much does a cardiologist can make a year‘ ? That’s nothing, though. It’ll only take the rest of us a few thousand years to catch up with incremental pay increased!

Anyway, considering I’ll probably never be a cardiologist (I haven’t the heart for it) I got to thinking about all the ways I won’t be spending the money I won’t be earning.

–       Buy a Tiger, or a hundred.

Nothing says I earn over a quarter of a million dollars quite like a large cat. And the best part? A Tiger cub *only* costs two and a half thousand dollars! Wahey! We can spend the rest on a cage, a fake rock for it to sit on, hey, maybe even a mate! Sure with those ridiculous prices why not buy a hundred of them! We’d still have change left over!

–       Buy a Boat for Your Boat

Sometimes a man just wants to sit in the open sea with his boat and his rod and chew tobaccy and think about nothing. And other times he just wants to settle that boat right into the belly of another boat. Because he can. Sure, a boat big enough to harbour another boat is going to cost quite a couple million, but once those tigers are sold to Chinese penis merchants, you’ll be raking in the money.

–       Buy a Country

Now that you have a boat for a boat, you need some place to store it. Sure there are ports you can rent, but you’re a cardiologist, dammit. Your ego can’t afford to be seen renting. So why not buy a port? Hell, why not buy a country? They’re going cheap these days since the global recession kicked in. Besides, you’ll have to have somewhere to hide from the Animal Cruelty gangs once they found out what you did to those tigers.

–       Buy a Person

Well, you’re living somewhere near the federation of Micronesia in the deep pacific on a small atoll with nothing but you, your boat-hybrid, and one stowaway Tiger named Adolf Catler. You’ve probably got a bit of change left over from last week’s open heart surgery on a ten year old, so why not invest it in a mail order bride? Thailand is only a hop skip and a jump away. Or boat over! Just don’t bring the tiger. They do weird things to tigers.

Thank all that is good and holy it isn’t 1930 anymore when it comes to housecleaning.

LONDON CLEANINGEver flip through channels and pass by the old school TV shows where it shows a housewife dressed up in a lovely dress, hair done, makeup on and with a vacuum in hand. 9 times out of 10 wearing heels. Looking at her cleaning then taking a look at my house and picking up the phone and calling one of the finest cleaning services in London since there is no woman that looks like that going to clean my house. Especially not me.

On days when I actually care what my house looks like which is few and far between, I prefer to dress for cleaning success. That means my old school AC/DC t-shirt, torn jeans, and sneakers. I guess that means I’m glad to be in the time period I am in now, because I would have been a disgrace to womanhood when it came to cooking and cleaning back in the day. I would have been shunned by the local women for not wearing my hairnet to keep every strand in place before my husband returned home from his day of work. There would be no perfect meal that I had slaved over all day in my dress and heels; otherwise known as daily house clothes back in the day. Not for me.

When I flip through the channels and see something like mentioned above I try to picture myself humming in my dress clothes as I vacuum the house. Picking up the coffee table easily with just one hand so I can vacuum underneath it as if it was a light as a feather which we all know it’s not. I always picture having a turkey roasting in the oven even though it’s nowhere near Thanksgiving and homemade mashed potatoes waiting for my family to sit to dinner in the evening.

I’d do all my cooking in my dress (of which I would be smart enough to wear an apron over to keep any food from getting on my clothes of course) and have a picture perfect Martha Stewart style designer table set up for dinner before my dream family of husband, 2 and a half kids (We’d lovingly call the half kid, Half Pint) came through the door. Oh, almost forgot, I’d have to run and change from my stylish day dress to evening dinner dress as fast as a superhero and be at the door to greet each and every member of the family with our obedient dog at my side while I passed out hugs and they made their way to the dinner table.

Life was different in those days, but in these days, it just takes a phone call and have a staff of housecleaners come and clean. They even get the spaces in-between. That’s right, I’m in the right time and am thankful for that. Once in a while it’s a treat to have someone come and do the fun work for me. Now, where’s my favorite rockin’ t-shirt?



Trend or not? Are you a one cup coffee maker zombie yet? As Yoda would say “You will be.”

COFFEE ADDICTI’m on my 3rd cup this morning already. I am typing this out to you at a speed that is so fast it’s taking the letters off the keys. Not just the caffeine though. One cup coffee makers are great for exercise too. Having to get up, walk to the one cup coffee machine, pick a pack of coffee (flavored of course), press a button, wait 60 seconds and then walk back to my desk with my steamy cup of coffee. Phew! What a workout! To think I never had an exercise routine before. I do now and will probably be repeating it within the next hour. I am a lean mean one cup coffee exercising machine!

When these one cup coffee makers first came out I thought it was just another trend. Freshly brewed coffee by the cup. What’s the big deal with that anyway? Then I started thinking about it. Making coffee by the pot was a hassle and some coffee got wasted unless the whole pot was finished. A fresh, hot cup in a minute. Not a bad idea, but it’s a trend, it’ll pass.

Well, as we know, it’s gone beyond a trend and looks like they are here to stay. I have found out first hand thanks to a wonderful gift of one I received, how awesome this product is and have become a big fan. I’m embarrassed to say not only have I signed up on an email list, I visit their site frequently so I can stay in the know as far as all things good and new.

My exercise routine is great. Plus, I have energy through the roof. I’m vacuuming with one hand while I type this with the other. Okay, not really, but you get the idea. Each cup is fresh and hot and on point with all good things a delicious cup of coffee should be.

Now ask yourself this, a site Table Saw HQ has reviews on products that I’m sure table saw aficionados visit and keep up on. Wouldn’t you look do the same thing, except on one cup coffee makers if you were a fan? Look up reviews on the wonder coffee makers since you were interested? It’s a conspiracy and I’ve been drawn in and am in no hurry to get out of it.

Sorry about that last pause, I had to do my exercise and walk to the one cup coffee maker and get a refill. Why is this topic on the site? Because Cruella is known for twisted opinions of the world, and I once thought that the one cup coffee machine was a twisted part of the world we live in. Now it’s a twisted part of my world. The fact I consider getting up to get a cup of coffee a part of an exercise routine?! C’mon, it doesn’t get more twisted than that and I know there’s more one cup coffee zombies like myself out there. Stand up and be proud. There are more of us out there, be counted and don’t get left out. If you’re not a one cup coffee maker zombie yet; “You will be. You will be.”

Do you remember the days when work was 9 to 5 with an hour lunch?

humorThat’s the way it used to be and boy have times changed. Now you only get 9 to5 if you work in a bank. Before everyone was 9 to 5 and they used to joke around about having that hour lunch be enough time to have what they referred to back then as a ‘3 martini lunch’. There’s even a movie out from the 70’s or early 80’s called 9 to 5. If it was to be put out now it would be aptly named 8 -5 with a subtitle of 30 minute lunch and a martini lunch wouldn’t even make it on screen. We work harder now. Not that we weren’t working hard then, but that extra hour in the morning sure made a nice difference.

People were probably happier back then at their jobs too. The extra sleep made wonders for the morning attitude being a little more chipper than rushing through traffic at 7 in the morning to make it to your job by 8. Well we don’t live in that ideal 9 to 5 scenario anymore so why not spend time finding a job that you actually would like to do. That’s definitely not where you’re at now presumably.

Finding a job that you would like to do is easier nowadays with trade schools popping up left and right pushing traditional 4 year colleges aside to make room to learn more technology in half the time. Technology is where it’s at now too. There are new versions coming out all the time. You probably just got used to Windows 7 and then there was Windows 8 which still one has yet to figure out how all the boxes work.

It’s time to jump into the middle of all this new technology and hit up a trade school. Not only get a boost of some modernized learning in fast time, but find a job you actually like to do which pays what you’re worth and that’s definitely more than you are making now. Take a look at radiation therapy for a minute. A good education, top of the line technology to learn, and then you have got to check out the salary. You just need a good school and there’s one just waiting for you to take advantage of what it has to offer.

You only live once. Don’t waste it hearing an awful news crew waking you up at 6am so you can get ready to hurry up and get to your job where you have to hurry up and work so you can hurry up and eat your lunch in 30 minutes before hurrying up to get your work done before the clock hits 5.

There are lots of trade schools out there now. They are big business and can offer you good training in a short time doing a job that you actually like. That you actually don’t mind fighting the hamsters that drive those square cars on their way to jobs they don’t like. Why not fall into the category of the one who goes to a job they do like. Isn’t it about that time?

Technology that can help you catch prey

HUMORDon’t you just hate it when animals get in your trash? What about when foxes get your chickens? Oh, you don’t have chickens, well what about those nasty robbers sneaking into your house when you’re not home? These things can be so annoying, but what’s even more annoying is when you put a trail camera out in the woods to catch a glimpse of those magnificent deer that travel through your back yard and it doesn’t catch them. That is so annoying. So what do you do when this happens? Well first off you need to adjust the camera to get all angles. Most trail cameras have a motion detector so when something comes by it snaps a video or picture. This can work great for your house as well. Imagine someone is trying to break in and you aren’t home, well if have a trail camera hooked up you can review the video later and be able to tell the cops about who broke in. This is a great invention for many different things. Not only is it great for hunting, but it’s a great idea to attach them to your business grounds and your home. This type of camera can be very affordable if you check for the cheapest ones, by looking here online you can find the cheapest ones with the best features.

Even though they are sold as trial cameras for hunting they work great for protecting your house, and if you have teens they work great for letting you know if they have been sneaking out of your house at night. Many teens will act up and most the time they have left the house at night while you were sleeping. So to keep tabs on what your kids are doing set up a hidden trail camera outside their windows and the front and back doors so you know if someone is coming or going.

Trail cameras are also great for use with businesses. You have to protect your assets and the best way to do that is to set up a trail camera near the register and the front and back doors so that you can see if anyone is trying to break into your business after hours or if anyone is messing with your cash register when you’re not looking.

Now trail cameras aren’t the only type of protection you need in your home or business. An alarm system is very important. But those can be bypassed very easily and trail cameras are virtually invisible so most the time no one will even notice they are there, which makes them a very secure surveillance device. Not only will a trail camera work for surveillance of the deer in the woods for hunting but it will also work for time stamping if someone breaks into your home or office.

There are many products that are sold for one use but can be used for multiple uses and that is what makes them a great purchase. Anything with multiple uses is far more worth the money that you pay for it than something that has only one use.

Next time you purchase something think about the many uses you could use it for and that will determine if it’s a great buy or not.