Thank all that is good and holy it isn’t 1930 anymore when it comes to housecleaning.

LONDON CLEANINGEver flip through channels and pass by the old school TV shows where it shows a housewife dressed up in a lovely dress, hair done, makeup on and with a vacuum in hand. 9 times out of 10 wearing heels. Looking at her cleaning then taking a look at my house and picking up the phone and calling one of the finest cleaning services in London since there is no woman that looks like that going to clean my house. Especially not me.

On days when I actually care what my house looks like which is few and far between, I prefer to dress for cleaning success. That means my old school AC/DC t-shirt, torn jeans, and sneakers. I guess that means I’m glad to be in the time period I am in now, because I would have been a disgrace to womanhood when it came to cooking and cleaning back in the day. I would have been shunned by the local women for not wearing my hairnet to keep every strand in place before my husband returned home from his day of work. There would be no perfect meal that I had slaved over all day in my dress and heels; otherwise known as daily house clothes back in the day. Not for me.

When I flip through the channels and see something like mentioned above I try to picture myself humming in my dress clothes as I vacuum the house. Picking up the coffee table easily with just one hand so I can vacuum underneath it as if it was a light as a feather which we all know it’s not. I always picture having a turkey roasting in the oven even though it’s nowhere near Thanksgiving and homemade mashed potatoes waiting for my family to sit to dinner in the evening.

I’d do all my cooking in my dress (of which I would be smart enough to wear an apron over to keep any food from getting on my clothes of course) and have a picture perfect Martha Stewart style designer table set up for dinner before my dream family of husband, 2 and a half kids (We’d lovingly call the half kid, Half Pint) came through the door. Oh, almost forgot, I’d have to run and change from my stylish day dress to evening dinner dress as fast as a superhero and be at the door to greet each and every member of the family with our obedient dog at my side while I passed out hugs and they made their way to the dinner table.

Life was different in those days, but in these days, it just takes a phone call and have a staff of housecleaners come and clean. They even get the spaces in-between. That’s right, I’m in the right time and am thankful for that. Once in a while it’s a treat to have someone come and do the fun work for me. Now, where’s my favorite rockin’ t-shirt?



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