Three Alternative Things You Can Put In a Gun Safe

STUN GUNGun safes are a great thing. They keep those deadly weapons out of our hands and locked away in cold dark places where they belong. Some are small, and some are big, but all are the best gun safes. But have you ever wondered what else you could put inside one? Well, we have, of course. There’s so much a safe could be used for, but we managed to narrow it down and here are some of our best ideas.


–       Perishable Goods

Why not stuff that safe with apples, oranges, sliced pan and mashed potato. Keep it hidden in the safe until one day, years down the line, you remember and you pry that bad boy open and investigate what in the world has developed inside. Explore a greeny brown world of goo and fungi and let your inner seven year old boy run wild. Treat it as a mid life experimental crises. Instead of splurging out on a flashy car or a younger wife, why not simply test out all the different things that can go off in a safe. Toss in a feral cat, an alien life form, the local drug dealer, whatever you think will make the strangest experiment for your safe.

–       Small rodents

Nobody likes pests. They leave their droppings and steal your cheese. They squeak at night and run around during the day. Sure, you could get some traps, or a cat, or an exterminator, but where’s the fun in that? Why not convert that safe into an oversized trap and keep your new pest as a pet! Teach it tricks. Teach it to love the darkness. Teach it to obey its new master and maybe, just maybe, teach it to rid you of any other pests you might have in the house, like, say, small children and nagging neighbours.

–       ‘Personal’ Magazines

We all get lonely on Saturday night when the flatmates are away or the wife is visiting the devil, er, the mother in law. So where better to keep all those ‘mens’ magazines than a safe? Keep the code to yourself and none should be the wiser! Except you of course. So why not pick up a safe and think of your own things to put inside. Apparently guns work well, but hey, what do we know?

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