Edit and Create Videos Using Sony Vegas: Tips for Even the Most Tech-Illiterate People!

videoAll you need is a laptop with a working internet connection and a decent graphics card, and you’re good to go. All it takes these days is a bit of money and little or no skill, and you can create your own anything on your computer or on the internet. Being able to be someone in the past was so difficult; your market was limited and, in most cases, small. It was next to impossible to propagate your idea further than a few hundred miles at most. It used to take a lot of hard work for our parents to make an image of themselves and be recognized by others. But today, all that is history. Today, you can make your presence felt anywhere in the world, as long as you know what to say and when to say it. The internet connects you to almost every single one of the seven billion people out there. And not for nothing. If you are using this commodity, it is time to explore what it can do for you, especially as a video editor.

There are many video editing softwares out there, and some are available free of cost. So what makes Sony Vegas Pro so different that you’d be willing to pay a good sum for it? It’s not only the video editing that it is known for. It has other features that would blow your mind. Being able to connect your iPad and use your iPad to complete your editing, use other softwares and import to Vegas Pro, use the new and superior audio control and customize how it looks by downloading one of many Sony Vegas templates. This is where your inability to video edit can be changed.

Templates can help you become a basic editor. Learn from them, take whatever you need and move onto a new template. Keep going until you are satisfied with how much you know. Once you’ve done that, it’s like you’ve been through a tutorial on how to use Sony Vegas. Create a web presence online either through a blog or a YouTube channel of your own and start uploading your creations. The internet is now your market; the more people that view your creations, the more successful you become as an artist. You can then get ad companies to pay you to keep their ads on your page, and that’s only the beginning. The sky is the ceiling for you on the internet.

No limitations, no boundaries, no restrictions. Is there anything else you can ask for as a businessman looking to start up a new business of sorts? The internet allows you to explore everything you want, and more. If your passion is video-editing, I would highly recommend Sony Vegas Pro to beautifully highlight your skills as a top-notch editor. If you are a newbie to this though, you may want to start with a much less cheaper option, then slowly make your way up to the likes of Sony Vegas.

Alright, how is it that almost anything slung around your hips makes you instantly cool? 

CAMERAYou know you’ve wanted that swagger, that walk, that confidence that you see in old Western movies for instance.   You’re watching the screen and the saloon doors swing open and a whistle fades off in the distance.  Everyone in the room turns to look at the door and there’s not a sound to be heard.  Seriously, not even a wayward fly.  All you see is light and coming in from the light is a cowboy.  How do we know he’s a cowboy?  Well the huge cowboy hat is the first clue as it’s so huge it can’t be missed.  Then you notice the way he has his arms to his sides slightly bent and he walks in.  Slow and with the lean of a pimp from a 70’s disco nightclub except this cowboy doesn’t have a cane, or a fur laced coat either.

This cowboy has on a shirt and jeans.  It’s what’s around his jeans you notice after the hat and slow walk you see around his hips a belt that’s huge.  It doesn’t just wrap around the center of his hips, it’s sits down lower on one side.  The side with the holster and a gun in it.  The way he stops and stands there, his hands open at his side and looks around you can’t help but think about how dang cool he looks.  We’re talking straight up cowboy swagger.  Good cowboy, or bad cowboy you want to be him.  You want a belt around your hips like his.  You want yours down on your side, like his as well.

Thing is, we’re in the 21st century and don’t walk around with gun holsters.  We walk around with something that sits around our hips and totally kills the cool factor of the one who dares to ware one.  We don’t have gun belts and holsters we wear.  No.  We have fanny packs.  Those usually bright colored fanny packs as if they are bright to make sure everyone knows you have one.  Oh we can sling them down around one side of our hips and still not look cool.  No swagger here.  Where’s the cowboys?  The only chance we can soak up that sexy hip holster belt look is to attend a rodeo and you live in New York.  Ain’t happenin’ is it?

However, some genius came up with a way we can get the slung down belt on our hips look and even with a holster.  A holster not for guns, for something cooler too.  A camera holster.  Yes, wear a pair of jeans and sling on one of those puppies and you’re hands free with swagger ready to reach and grab your camera at a seconds notice to snare the perfect picture anytime.  Get one of those and walk tall and proud and with that confident stride.

No fanny pack for you.  No sir. You have a holster belt slung around your hips.  For a camera, yes, but it looks so good there.  Fanny packs step aside, old school is back and ready to snap a picture to Instagram at any time.  Be careful, it could be of you in your fanny pack to post that’ll garner at least one fan, if not a giggle as well.

Four Things You Could do With a Cardiologists Payroll



Do you ever think the thought.  ‘ how much does a cardiologist can make a year‘ ? That’s nothing, though. It’ll only take the rest of us a few thousand years to catch up with incremental pay increased!

Anyway, considering I’ll probably never be a cardiologist (I haven’t the heart for it) I got to thinking about all the ways I won’t be spending the money I won’t be earning.

–       Buy a Tiger, or a hundred.

Nothing says I earn over a quarter of a million dollars quite like a large cat. And the best part? A Tiger cub *only* costs two and a half thousand dollars! Wahey! We can spend the rest on a cage, a fake rock for it to sit on, hey, maybe even a mate! Sure with those ridiculous prices why not buy a hundred of them! We’d still have change left over!

–       Buy a Boat for Your Boat

Sometimes a man just wants to sit in the open sea with his boat and his rod and chew tobaccy and think about nothing. And other times he just wants to settle that boat right into the belly of another boat. Because he can. Sure, a boat big enough to harbour another boat is going to cost quite a couple million, but once those tigers are sold to Chinese penis merchants, you’ll be raking in the money.

–       Buy a Country

Now that you have a boat for a boat, you need some place to store it. Sure there are ports you can rent, but you’re a cardiologist, dammit. Your ego can’t afford to be seen renting. So why not buy a port? Hell, why not buy a country? They’re going cheap these days since the global recession kicked in. Besides, you’ll have to have somewhere to hide from the Animal Cruelty gangs once they found out what you did to those tigers.

–       Buy a Person

Well, you’re living somewhere near the federation of Micronesia in the deep pacific on a small atoll with nothing but you, your boat-hybrid, and one stowaway Tiger named Adolf Catler. You’ve probably got a bit of change left over from last week’s open heart surgery on a ten year old, so why not invest it in a mail order bride? Thailand is only a hop skip and a jump away. Or boat over! Just don’t bring the tiger. They do weird things to tigers.

How to bond with the kids- forget the usual stuff!

BONDINGSo you want to teach your child how to hunt? At what age is it appropriate to begin using hunting equipment? Some say as soon as they are old enough to hold a gun, some say 15 or 16. Whatever age you choose to show your child how to hunt make sure they are hunting the right animals. Some kids find it hilarious to shot birds and squirrels out of trees and have no intention of eating them. This is poor hunting etiquette. Some kids even get a little trigger happy and start using BB guns to shot their friends. This too is not proper etiquette and can seriously hurt another person. So make sure your child understands the implications and consequences of their actions.

The best way to teach a child to hunt is to take them to a shooting range or out in the woods with a bow. The best cross bow for beginners is something you will need to find since your child will be a beginner. This may actually be the best weapon to start with beyond the BB gun since the cross bow can be shot at a tree and you can see where the arrows went. Guns can be dangerous when not trained properly with them. To train your child in the proper use of a gun you should take them to a shooting range and teach them target practice. Once they are certified to handle a gun then you can take them to the woods or hunting grounds to learn to hunt. The better they are at controlling the bow or gun the better they will be at hunting for the proper types of animals.

Each season has a different animal that you can hunt. So be sure to get your license for that season and make sure your child understands that if it’d not deer season then they can’t shoot a deer. Some seasons are specially designed for bow hunting and some for fire arms, stress to your child the proper seasons and make sure they are always supervised when handling any type of weapon.

Hunting can be a great activity for a father and son to bond while doing. Fishing is another thing that you can teach your child to do and will not cause any major physical pain to another human being. When fishing you don’t use guns or bows unless bow fishing. Some fathers and sons spend many time bonding over fishing and they don’t even care if they catch anything. Just make sure if you don’t catch anything you have alternative means of food for lunch and dinner so you don’t starve while bonding with your child.

Each child is different and if you see that your child isn’t interested in killing innocent animals for sport or dinner then try doing some other activity that could help you bond with your child. Such activities could be model boat building, water skiing, working on cars, or even working on small engine repair. These are all great suggestions on how to bond with your child.

How to feed a party on a budget-tips for even the most frugal

PARTY ON A BUDGETMany people throw parties, and want to feed their guests on a budget. But how do you do that without having cheap tasteless food? Simple, just shop smart and provide options that don’t cost that much to make. Here are some options on how to do this:

Cooking your meat

First you will need a grill or smoker, you can find the best electric smoker online with a little research. This will be the most cost effective way to prepare a large quantity of meat for a party. Some grills are large and some are small. The larger you expect your party to be determines the size of grill you will need.


Once you have your cooking equipment it’s time to start your shopping. Getting meat that is affordable is an easy task. There are lots of grocery stores that have affordable meat in bulk. You can provide hotdogs or sausages, you can have chicken legs, and you can even get a family pack of pork chops for really reasonable price. Shopping smart is not hard to do. Determine how much meat you will need for your guests and then figure up how much you can afford to spend. Budgeting is key here.

Pasta Salad

Sides are something that you can play with and still provide a great spread of food. Pasta salads are really affordable and can be very tasty and nutritious. By purchasing two boxes for under $4.00 you can add cheese, cubed ham or pepperoni, some olives, and anything else you want to through in and make a delicious side that everyone will enjoy. Its cost effective and many people love pasta salads.

Potato Salad

Potato salad is also another option that can be very affordable. Buying a bag of potatoes can be done pretty reasonable, they come in many different sizes and prices, pick the cheapest bag for the amount you need. Then the rest of the ingredients should be found in your fridge, such as eggs, pickles, mayonnaise, and onions, salt and pepper. Simple recipe that doesn’t take a long time to make and the ingredients are affordable and something you can find in your fridge.

Baked Beans

Baked Beans are also a party favorite and can be cost effective. Simply buying a couple cans of baked beans putting them in a pan throwing in some hamburger meat and putting it in the oven on 350 for about 25-30 minutes and you have a delicious side that everyone will love. Its affordable and a very tasty dish.

Chips and Dip

Chips and dip can be a great side since you can get great deals on chips, sometimes its buy one get one and then dip can be made with sour cream and French one soup mix. This dip is cost effective and makes a delicious dip for a fraction of the cost of the more name brand dips and it provides more dip for the money.

This party spread can be great for many occasions such as a birthday party, a summer get together, and even a fall event. Parties are great fun and can be affordable by using a budget and preparing in advance.

Where a Man’s Sole Lies

sole of a man work bootsWhen men are in manly jobs, the most male oriented careers like construction, lumberjack or handyman, they need shoes that fit well and are made for the specific kind of job you are doing. Like if a lumberjack wears loafers he will undoubtedly be uncomfortable and in pain all day because they do not offer the support needed for the stand, lifting and movement that the job requires. The same goes for all of the other jobs. A nice pair of work boots though, now that is the way to get support for a job like that. They are perfect for keeping you on your feet all day.

Now professions like surgeons and gym teachers would require a different type of shoe entirely. They would need the kind of shoes that are really comfortable, easy to walk in, and don’t hurt after standing in surgery or running on a field for 8 hours. They would need something in the sneaker family.

The best way to ensure you get the best shoe for the job is to know what you need and find exactly that. Now, some of you may not know what you need. That is perfectly fine and actually very common among many different types of people. They may know their stuff when it comes to their job but ask a man about a pair of shoes and he goes blank. No worries guys, there is a perfect site just for you. If you go to http://www.soleofaman.com you will find a wide array of shoes there.

Having such an extremely wide and different selection of shoes is enough to make any man run screaming from a site and just pick out the first thing they see at Payless. This is why this particular site is so right for you. They don’t just have everything for everything, they tell you what you need specifically. They are actually helpful with exactly this type of thing.

They have sections for different kinds of shoes. They have the 3 best shoes for walking all day, the best shoes for teachers, the 3 best shoes for flat feet, and so much more. They can not only help you find the shoes that you will need for your job but also for your leisure time as well. You can go to exactly what page you need in order to find your perfect work or play shoe.

Having their sections set up by what shoes are best for what makes it so easy to find what you need fast, get it and get out. We all know what men do not linger while shopping. While, even online, women tend to take their time and browse around, look at everything, make a decision and keep looking, men are the complete opposite. They walk into to a store or get on a site, point and leave, just like that. This site allows for minimal browsing time, few choices for each circumstance so you aren’t overwhelmed, and clear sections on what the shoes are best for to get you in and out in record time.